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    Cabin fever and tarp lines

    So it's a mid-April blizzard here in Minnesota and I'm starting to get cabin fever. I recently picked up a hammock bliss sky tent, but have not had a chance to get out in the woods with it yet due to the weather, so of course I had to start tinkering with it even though I've yet to spend a single night in it. New guy lines seemed like a good place to start, so I picked up some trip tease and figure 9 biners. Here was the plan: surgical-tubing type self tensioner attached to the tarp then use the figure 9 biners on the ends as my adjustments. I figured this would work well for me since I mostly camp up in ledgerock country and find myself wrapping a guyline around a rock or tree just as often as trying to get a stake in the ground, and since in a canoe the extra bulk and weight of the hardware doesn't really matter.

    But when I went to attach the new lines, much to my suprise, I found my tarp already had these cool little sewn in tensioners. I actually really like the design, seems to work well.

    So now the quandary, how to retain the stock tensioners, still incorporated elastic self-tensioners, be able to tie off to rocks and trees as well as stakes, and most importantly, now what do I do with all these little figure 9 carabiners I bought? It really needs to thaw out around here, the wife is giving me some odd looks when she comes home to find me setting up tarps off of the fake tree in the livingroom.
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