ok boys and girls, im tired of banging my head on a tree....

so i had an ENO DN that had a suspension made by a member here (please forgive me, i forget) and it was getting a bit on the worn looking side on some of the components. it was a one piece setup, where (starting at one side) i used a
dutch clip in the loop of the tree strap, which was directly tied to the whoopie sling, of which the end goes thru a descender ring that has one side of the SRL on it, as well as either soft shackles or biners for the hammock to clip to the ring by.

well i went out and bought a new ENO DN (not the new, light weight biner model thats smaller but the old version just new) and figured "new hammock, new suspension" and bought a setup from dutch which uses separate straps, SRL and whoopies. I put the new suspension on the old ENO and vice versa, and now my old stand by is uncomfortable and just plain sad (old hammock, new suspension).

i tried to match the RL lenth on them both but it just seems that i can not get diagonal to save my life and it feels just too tight. so much so that at my last group hang i swapped hammocks in the middle of the night!

someone tell me what im doing wrong here, because i cant figure it out.