Brother Rain was finally able to join us, after being MIA for the last few months.
We started out the trip with a night hike in, Rain drove to my place right after work- so we carpooled the rest of the way.

Once getting to camp, I decided to replenish with some juice.

Breaking in a new pack: Frost River Royale Isle Jr.

Rain trying out my pack

Starting temp of the night

Big Ant: Anyone know what kind it is?

Spider: Name?

Baby centipede: Name?

I think we only ended up with a low of 50* that night. Perfect weather if you ask me.

Kevin surprised us with his presence around 12am- good thing he gave us the dieng Giraffe signal. Here he is working on a whoopie sling

Big Centipede:

Another type of spider I cannot I.D.- trying to get a taste of my tea

Harvestman tucked in for some camo

Trying out my new Leatherman CS4

Kevin working on a bow saw

Kevin in a Warbonnet Blackbird with Hammockgear underquilt

Rain's hammock setup to the left, mines to the right

Rain's setup for the night: Eno Doublenest Hammock, Hammockgear UQ, Not sure about the tarp (hopefully he chimes in)

He had this cool idea to use the hiking poles as spreader bars, on the side pullouts for extra space in his sweet new tarp.



Morning Coffee from my awesome Adahy Kuksa

Just when I thought I finally learned how to cook bacon.


Chef Rain