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    Newbie Here

    I very much want to start hammock camping as I am no longer comfortable sleeping on the ground. I have sleep apnea and must depend on a CPAP machine at night. Without using an inverter off my car battery I am relatively limited as to camping venues. I have no problem camping in a campground with primitive sites as long as there is electric service. I do not plan to do wilderness camping or hiking.

    So, what I would like to do is set up a hammock on a portable stand within a 10x10 canopy with mosquito netting sides (similar to PaHa Que screen room) or any other tent that would be big enough for that kind of set up. As Pa Ha Que screen rooms are expensive I an open to suggestions .

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    Hi. I too have sleep apnea and am required to use a CPAP machine. I have a REMStar+ CPAP (Philips System One). It ain't exactly lightweight. The machine itself without the humidifier is about 4 lbs., but I don't have an option. I gotta use it. So... I went out and bought myself a BPS 100 Lithium Ion battery pack. As batteries go, it's a lightweight at 1.6 lbs. It wasn't cheap (north of $300), but for having a battery I could hike with and would give me at least 2 nights between charges, it's worth it. If you're car camping, you could charge up the battery pack during the day and you'd be good to go in the evening. What I do is put the machine, battery and cord in a mesh bag and cinch the opening shut onto the cpap tube. Then I tie it off at the top of the hammock over the ridgeline with a prussik knot. It doesn't get in the way and I get a good night sleep (and so does everyone else in the campground). It's 5 lbs I wish I didn't have to carry but with the weight I'm saving by using a hammock, it balances out. If money's no object, get the Transcend II CPAP machine. It's only 1.1 lbs. So with that, the battery, the hose and mask, you'd be right around 3 lbs. Not bad at all.

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