3 new ideas...

Thing1 hung with Sam I Am (American Bulldog) under her hammock, and worried about him being cold. She put a blanket on him, and arranged her hammock so it hung low, and Sam could sleep on the ground, but right up against her. It occurred to me that a skirt could be hung from a Baby Ocra to reach the ground, making a kind of dog house under the hammock. No insulation... just a breathable 1.1 skirt with a hole for an entrance, and a sit pad on the ground inside.

Thing1 and I wore our Merrels barefoot trail runners this weekend in the Gorge. We're working on a design for mocs that will do the same thing for less $$$. If you aren't into barefoot style hiking shoes (no heel strike!) they would still be very comfy for around camp.

Eighteen marathon runners passed us going the other way on Rock Jock... many of them had short packs with water bottles on the shoulder straps and a small bag between their shoulder blades. Made me think about how I've been using a MMP Canoe Pack with a belt that is not attached... why not put a MMP Front Pack on the back? Might need to be a couple of rows longer than a MMP Front Pack. It would ride just above the belt, but not attached to the belt, and you would have the very same carrying capacity (volume) because the belt has three PALS rows on it. If you prefer it attached, that can be done quickly with two straps. I can't wait to try this... makes it modular without modification.

Just thought I would share some ideas... stay tuned!

- MacEntyre