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    FS: WBBB 1.1 DL and JRB BMB DLX

    I have a couple Hammocks for sale. First, I bought this 1.1 DL a few weeks back thread here:

    I took it out, looked at it and it is as described, I already have one and my wife has decided to go with the Ridgerunner instead after she told me she wanted the BB (who could blame her?) I will ship it to you for $140, lower 48, Paypal only. does not have caribiners. ***SOLD***

    Second I have a brand new JRB BMB Deluxe, I bought this and the Ridgerunner to see if either would work for me and to compare the 2. It has been hung and laid in once. I liked both, but being a broad shouldered guy and 230# the Ridgrunner fit me a bit better, so the JRB BMB goes up for sale. I will ship it to you for $175, lower 48, Paypal only.

    I will be using the funds to get a second Ridgerunner for my wife, so she will be happy too!

    Happy Hanging. Lance
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