For those of you that have hiked the Art Loeb trail, and also hiked the trails in the Cheaha area, I am considering a hiking trip with some guys at my church this summer on the Art loeb trail. I need to get in the gym and get back I shape, but my son wants to go on this trip also. I want to take him out and do some trial runs on some trails that might be similar to what we would see on the Loeb trail. He has only day hiked with me in the past, and this would be his first real trip. I was thinking of doing an overnite or 2 up on the Pinhoti as a test to see how he does...and to check my legs out also. I know the elevation is higher on the Art Loeb, butif he can carry a full pack on an 8 to 10 mile day say up the Chinabee and around the Pinhoti area, would that be a good idea for what he could do on the Loeb trail? I would love to take my son along if he can handle it, but don't want to risk it if he is not ready.

We would plan to hike the Art Loeb in a 4 day trip. Maybe a fairly easy day up front and on the end, with 2 tougher days in the middle.