I am almost done doing homework on my new topquilt purchase. My uses are two fold. When with the family I will be car camping, and will use the quilt for an underquilt on my wife's HH Exped hammock. When I am hunting, I will be backpacking solo, and will be using the quilt as a quilt in a hammock, or if need be on the ground. It will be replacing a 20degree, three pound sleeping bag in this role. I already have a down underquilt for my Dangerbird.

So far the High Sierra Sniveler is in the lead. If I am reading the website right, this topquilt can be easily adapted to an underquit. My continued happiness in the woods is related to the wife not being cold. I found that while not foolproof (at least with this fool) my HG Phoenix can be fairly easily adjusted in the middle of the night without getting out of the hammock to fight CBS. How difficult is the High Sierra Sniveler to properly rig, and if necessary adjust? I am looking at the Long, if that makes any difference.

I will likley end up with one of these either way, with sleeves and hood. Doing double duty will make me able to justify the expense this year, rather than next.

Any input?