Hey all, wife and I are planning on section hiking the AT section of the AT in 3 weeks (May 7-14, 8 days of hiking). Everything I read says hike back to your car, so the plan is to arrive at Amicalola Falls State Park on Mon May 6th, stay overnight and catch a shuttle to somewhere on the NC side of the AT GA/NC border and hike back.

We're both very stoked about this trip and I was just about to book a night at the lodge but I thought it would be better to do the lodge at the end of the trip rather than the start. I'm hoping some knowledgeable members can help answer a few questions (or offer any general advice):

1. Camping at the AFSP, any issues with hanging? Is there any specific sites to book/ask for (if that's possible)?

2. Anyone here on HF offer shuttle service from the falls to the GA/NC border?

3. Temps for this section during first couple of weeks of May? I'm trying to decide on which UQ's to pack for this section. 20* full length or a 40* Phoenix (3/4 length). I know this is a personal one to answer, I guess I'm wondering what all y'all have done or what you would take?

This is essentially a shake down hike for us for next years thru-hike.