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    Grand Canyon - Spring Break with 2 Exchange Students

    For Spring Break we took our two exchange students to see the Grand Canyon (Among other places). We already knew that Olena (From Ukraine) would be comfortable and happy in the Hammock because she loves camping and loves sleeping in the Hammock in our basement. Andrea (from Spain) was the big question mark because she had already told us that she did not like camping due to the bugs and had not been camping since she way 7 years old in her front yard.

    We wanted to cover every possible contingency so that no matter what she would be comfortable. So

    1- We gave her the PapaSmurf DangerBird Hammock because it has the over cover weather shield that should make her feel secure from bugs on her and give her extra warmth from wind.

    Back up plan 1: A tent with sleeping pad (4 man tent).

    Back up plan 2: The Car (Xterra with the seat folded down for a full flat lay with camping pad)

    Well once we set up her hammock she told us that the over cover was too close to her and she felt Claustrophobic - and by the way the tent was also too Claustrophobic too so back up plan 2 was out She got in the Hammock initially and felt warm and comfortable - in fact she wanted to go to sleep right then she was so comfortable. But when night came she told us that she did not want the overquilt anywhere close to her face (Claustrophobia again).

    Night 1 - So needless to say, the first night was not a success. She was cold up top. But worse was the fact that Olena and her and I were all tied off to the same tree and so when Olena started "getting her swing on" we all felt it. It made Andrea feel motion sick. She went to the car after about an hour because she was too cold and felt sick. She did not sleep that great in the car either. But, to her credit, she wanted to give the hammock another try on night 2 - probably because the car was warmer, but less comfortable.

    Night 2 - I gave her my GoLite Down coat for her upperbody (I know...that is no less than having the overquilt on by her face, but it worked for her). I also gave her 2 independent trees all to herself and tied the side tieouts extra tight so she would not swing much if any. The result? She lasted all night!!! But her feet got cold and she went to the car the last hour (her feet did not warm up in there either so I think it was a circulation or crappy sock issue).

    Olena slepy on my giant PapaSmurf DangerBird and was warm and tosty and loved it. I slept in my hammock that we made for the scouts - DIY from TableClothsFactory. I was warm and comfy. My wife was in a DIY one like mine, just a different color. She was also warm and toasty.

    We had a great time and really enjoyed our vacation. Enjoy the video

    Part One:

    Part two if you are interested:
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