My scout troop took a beginner backpacking trip on the AT starting at the famous 501 shelter (had a nice chat with the outgoing caretaker Bob) and staying the night at Hertlein campsite and continuing out to the parking lot on 183 the next morning.

This trip was the first hammock experience for two of our older scouts (my son and our next door neighbor). When I asked how he slept one said with a big smile "it was the best sleep I've had camping warm or cold" and he is not going back to being a ground dweller. Temps ranged from a high of 56 down to 34 at night with a steady breeze all night. All hammockers were warm while 2 of the ground dwellers complained of the cold chill and rocks.

My setup

Most of the troop went out to a nearby boulder field and I stayed back to be with the boys hanging the bear bag and watch the camp and finish my coffee

The boys in their glory