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    MacEntyre / MollyMac Bivy Hammock

    I had Mac make one of his Bivy hammocks special for me to use in a day pack, cool hammock but have never used it. Its a double layer hammock that has a mesh area on one side 18" long by the width of the hammock and has a loop with a clip in the middle to attach to the ridge line, to elevate the mesh. You lay on the single layer of the hammock and have the mesh off your face. There are loops at all corners to allow it to be staked to the ground and use it like a bivy. Here the specs its a 9 ft hammock and it 48" wide and weight 12.9 oz. here is a link to his site for more information, again mine is shorter and not as wide to cut down on weight.

    This includes the hammock, whoppie slings and the ridge line that will need to be set to your preference. I am asking 60.00 and this includes shipping.

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