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    Cat Hex Tarp Side Entry Mod Idea

    Hey all,

    This is my first post on any forum ever. So, I hope this goes smooth.

    I just wanted to drop an idea on the community and see what you guys make of it before I go trying to learn to sew and stuff. :-)

    Alright, the basic idea is to make a side entry hammock tarp/tarp tent. I know you guys hate the T word. Sorry, I think the idea is worth the vulgarity. Here is my drawing and I'll explain below.

    So that's the idea. I was originally thinking of a modified WB mamajama. I would use a cross supporting tent pole in the center of the tarp similar to what I've seen some of the guys doing to support their panel pulls. Then, from where the tent pole is attached to the tarp I would cut cat curves down to the corner tie outs. Then by stitching some custom curved triangles to match the cut outs, I could make a vestibule with a zipper and flap to help with rain intrusion (just like a normal tent).

    Tie out the corners as usual and hypothetically, the cat curves between the tent pole attachment and the tree tie out point should bring it fairly taught, yes? Then you just bungee out one side of the vestibule so the other can unzip and roll up. Or if you opened and rolled both sides, you get a much more open structure with easier access to the center of the hammock while still retaining some protection against light rain and sun.

    Then if you need or want to go to ground, a couple of hiking poles supports the tree tie out points and the rest is set up as normal. This would be great if you are using your hammock as a bivy or want to substitute a side entry net tent for 2+ people. Much easier access than trying to crawl in the end.

    Also, I just like the idea of how much more useable space you might get under a smaller tarp by adding the height the pole might provide and the space the vestibule would add. In my opinion, central hammock is where most of the activity happens and where we need the most space and freedom to move. (unless of course you have a bridge, then you need the space for the spreader bars.)

    So what do you guys think?
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