Hey everyone, please allow me to introduce myself. I'm an active guy who enjoys the outdoors. Trail running, climbing, surfing...it's all good. Perhaps most of all, I love backpacking. Others might describe my style of backpacking as ultra-heavy, but I would describe it as ultra-luxury. Ultra- seems to be the go-to suffix these days. That's what brings me to hammockforums. I'm still favor tents but I also like to hang at basecamp. I'm working on trimming the bulk of my suspension not only to make room for more amenities, but also to make setup, adjustment and takedown easier. Oh, and I ran across the Dutchware site.... so I'm about ready to take the plunge on replacing things I didn't even think needed replacing, lol.

Last year I hammock camped for the first time in PR, following online advice that tent camping in the rainforest (El Yunque) is non-ideal. I realized the hard way that the less time I spend on the aforementioned setup/adjustment/breakdown is the less time I have to have my feet on the ground w/ those rabid biting ants! I've done tons of research, including the youtube essentials (Shug, ProfessorHammock), but also tritan1 and so many others for insight into various hardware. I've also done a ton of googling, which brought me to these forums time and time again.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that intro out of the way so you know what kind of nutcase I am. It'll be a pleasure getting to know the community here.