looking for some input on the tadpole. I currently have a big daddy with no panel pulls and a AHE Toxaway with side panel pulls. I have an 11'x 65" Roaming Gnome that is my main hammock now (1.6 oz single layer ACU Camo.. best freakin hammock i have ever slept in!!), and was wondering if I should go with the 11' or 12 ridge line. I have a 12' on the Tox and 11' on the big daddy. I can't tell a huge difference coverage wise but with the smaller tadpole I thought I would ask. i like that the Tox is longer but the cat cut is pretty severe on it so not that much extra coverage. I like the panel pulls on the Tox but I don't know if I need them on a tarp as narrow as the tadpole. Any and all advice would be much appreciated, thanks