After watching tritan1's Dutch Flyz youtube video, I'm looking to upgrade my tarp ridgeline from 550 paracord to 1.75mm Zing-it/Lash-it, complete with Tarp Flyz and Dutch Hooks. The difference from titan1's setup is I prefer to use #1 S-biners in place of Dutch Hooks for fastening to tarp.

My goal is to make two 30- to 35-foot finished length ridgelines. Please help me fill in the blank for my custom Dutchware order:

1) Single 75ft length of 1.75mm Lash-it, custom add two Dutch Hooks, 1 at each end (locked brummel spliced).
2) One pair Tarp Flyz
3) _________ to make 1 Prusik for Tarp Flyz, 2 add'l Prusiks for S-biners

Would you suggest I use the excess Lash-it to make the Prusik loops? Typically, in climbing, we make Prusiks out of cordelette that is about 70% smaller than the rope (for example, 5mm-6mm for 8mm rope, depending on the application). Yet at this size, this may not be applicable. Also, Zing-it/Lash-it and Dyneema are coated lines; how will this affect friction/holding strength on the ridgeline. Can this be accounted for by looping the Prusik 4 or 5 times? Or, would you suggest a different cord make?