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    Enjoyed your video Johan great job helping the boys with their fire building skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MedicineMan View Post
    B2R beautiful snowy scene!
    What was the uniform you are wearing? Scouting Netherland style?
    The white anorak would surely dissapear.
    The orange anoraks owner had a nice bushcraft knife.
    Fire from ferrorod onto fuzz stick is very good..what kind of wood? Pine?
    Just glad you got out, you have big grin camping in the snow...not far from the parking
    lot but a million miles from stresses of every day life-good on ya!
    Nope, no uniform, just a mishmash of things. I keep on going from robust survival/bushcrafty to minimalist lightweight and back...

    The white anorak, yeah well 5 or 6 years ago I had a great survival training in Sweden and since then I am converting people to orange, though some take it over the top

    Jan, the owner of the orange anorak makes great knives check out his (dutch) website or his facebook if you want more knife p@rn

    Yep it was a standing dead small pine, sawed and split.

    It is almost impossible in Holland to really get away far, but at least far enough to enjoy the woods.

    Thanks for watching and I'll try to be done with the editing sooner then in the past

    Quote Originally Posted by BLUEFIN 774 View Post
    Hey born2roam,

    Great to see a new video from you. Looks like the kids had fun making fire. What a refreshing night in the hammock you must of had. The HG Winter Palace looks great ! I have got to try a feather stick soon, I've not used one in a long time. Thanks for taking us along.
    Knives and fire... always fun for the boys (and some girls too), no matter what age Thanks for watching my friend.

    Quote Originally Posted by ramjet View Post
    That was fun! I like the fire building.
    LOL, we all do mate, thanks for watching and your time to comment.

    Quote Originally Posted by OutandBack View Post
    Enjoyed your video Johan great job helping the boys with their fire building skills.
    Thanks for watching buddy, it's tiring but rewarding working with kids and fire.

    Grtz Johan
    My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence.

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