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    I have been registered for a little while now, but have been lurking mostly. I am finally am moving to hammock camping after my latest winter trip. Realized as I get older (early 40's) I cannot sleep soundly on the ground. Too many pressure points. Plus, I purchased my WBBB over a year ago and have not broken it in yet!

    I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a tarp and underquilt. My Marmot pinnacle 15* bag should work great as a top quilt. I have been watching Shug's videos and reading as many of your reviews as I can. I am going to sew up a PLUQ for the spring / summer and will look into something more substantial for the winter (thinking 20* full length at this point). I am also planning to use an older down jacket for it's sleeves and hood.

    Lots of great people / information available here. Thanks!
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