When I'm going to expose my skin to biting insects, I usually deet it up. I keep reading on the forums that you should treat your hammock with permethrin, and keep the DEET away from the hammock, but when I read the deet warnings, they say nylon is okay for deet, and Hennessey, I think, uses nylon.

So has anyone seen deet-related Hennessey failures, or is this just a general rule, "Don't get deet on synthetic fabrics," that gets misapplied to Hennessey?

Keep in mind, I'm not planning on spraying my hammock with it. I'm planning on spraying myself, and then, eventually, getting into the hammock.

I'm aware that I can treat hammock and clothes with permethrin, but that won't really help me because in this weather I'm not going to be able keep every inch of my skin covered, and I'm going to spend more time out of the hammock than in. It's my hope that the deet will keep the bugs off of my skin, and that way I'll be protected in and out of the hammock. I probably do have some synthetic fabrics that are susceptible to Deet, but most of those items are easily replaceable if there's a mishap. The hammock, on the other hand, is something I'd like to keep intact. Given that it's nylon (right?) and that I'm not applying deet directly to it, I figure it should be fine. But given the number of anti-deet things I've seen on the forum, I thought I'd see if anyone has any real experience with this.