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    Substitute for more expensive carabiners

    I was at Walmart and while I'm sure this isn't anything new for most folks, I figured I would pass it along for those who hadn't seen these quick links. They are mostly designed to be used for home purposes(hanging stuff from ceilings and what not) but the larger one is rated at 1900 lbs! Now granted it isn't quite as user friendly as a carabiner to open and close( and it is slightly heavier) but they are dirt cheap at 2.97 per link. For those of us on a budget that is a very good thing! It also makes getting set up easier for those that don't have a climbing store nearby but do have a Walmart. They are located usually near the back of the store in the same general area as the tools and home improvement stuff are. Just thought I would pass it along as I have learned so much from this forum and I try to pay it forward whenever I can.
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