At the last Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Special, I had the pleasure of talking to several other hammock hangers and we all agreed that we needed to get a group hang together at this beautiful oceanfront campground.

After reaching out to the owners, we can give this idea a shot. I apologize for the short notice, life has been that special kind of hectic that really makes camping appealing. Hoping if all goes well, this might occur again next year with more warning time.

We will be on site before the campground is officially open, which should give us freedom to choose areas with good tree configurations, regardless of assigned sites. Only request is that cars remain on the paved roads.

While this is a 'hammock hang', we welcome tent-dwelling folks - even more if they want to bring an instrument to jam around the campfire. I've invited a few bluegrass pickin' friends to the hang as well.

So in short, laid-back, family-friendly hangout - bonfire, food, and fun with friends old and new. What's not to like?

Cost is a $10/adult/night ($4 for kids), we'll figure out a potluck menu if anyone is interested.

I know it is short notice, but I'm headed up - any interest out there?

Campground info at -