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    Paracord Bracelets Available in 12 Different patterns

    Hey, this is Taliesin96's wife, I'm commandeering his HF account to bring you this special message.

    I currently make 12 designs of paracord bracelets. They can come in any colour I currently have and any colour combination. They can also come in any size so yes I can make for children as well. The pricing is as follows and all pricing includes shipping and pp fees:

    images 1-10 are $10 for North America $15 for outside of NA
    Images 11 and 12 are $15 for North America and $20 for outside NA

    The reason I have to charge more for those patterns are due to the time it takes me to make them and the amount of paracord used.

    Not all of them have the buckles. Although all of them can be made without the buckle. The patterns that do not have buckles are:

    Adjustable Cobra, Thin Line Cobra, and Tvirus.

    The colours I have are:

    Dark Green
    Bright Green
    Pink Camoflage

    If you want one please say I'll take it and I will need the wrist size. We will contact you for your address and the payment details.

    Photos continued below.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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