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    Lightbulb 4 Corner Woven Indoor Loft Hammock Design - Ideas?

    My living room has a slightly vaulted ceiling, and I'd like to add a large 4 corner hammock as a loft space. I imagine it being bolted into the ceiling from the corners to give stability, woven to allow vision down into the room, and made with something secure feeling so my friends don't shy away from being suspended 7 feet in the air. Rough idea of dimensions is 12' x 15'.

    So I would probably need to weave this myself. I've done some searching and don't see anything quite like this on the market. These forums have given me incredibly valuable information in the past, so what better place to turn!

    My first step will be sourcing the right materials, and looking for the right type of weaving to use. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Edit - also thinking something like a saftey net, or playground netting, and could be secured from the sides and corners and stretched more taught.

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    I saved my kids trampoline,im going to build a floor around it in my loft.
    That way I can sleep on the floor, or hang a hammock above it.

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    I once lived in a warehouse space in Seattle and used a poly net that I sourced from a local industrial marine supply store to build just such a hammock above the kitchen area between the second floor loft and a beam that ran across the main living area. It was a half inch poly rope so it had minimal stretch and was oven into approximately 3" squares. I wove a coated 1/4" wire through the perimeter squares to distribute the load points and then ran the wire through eye bolts placed every 12" around the perimeter. It may sound like overkill but I wanted to make sure this thing was bomber. Big parties resulted in up to 12 people on a ~6x10 net. We even did flips into it. It never showed any signs of wear in the 3+ years I lived there. Can I remember where I found the net? Of course not. Remember we threw big parties back then...

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Found the place, don't see the exact net though.

    It was a knotless net and a much thicker poly than what I see on the site. Its possible that it was in random bin. You should call them and see what they might have.
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    Thanks, that sounds very close to what I'm looking for, I'll give them a call.

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