My BB 1.7 single is due in today, waiting for the postman. I have to admit I love the Amazon get it now prime member thing.
But when I order something special, custom, or hand made in the USA I do realize I have to wait. I admit also that being patient is not part of my personality.

This past winter I had Four Dog stoves make me up a stove to go in my Tentsmiths 1758 tent for my winter Blizzard camping trip and I was like a caged animal waiting for that thing to come in. When it arrived I looked it over, well lets just say it was worth the wait. It really came in handy when it was 19 degrees winds of 45+ mph and 28 inches of snow.

Somethings are just worth the wait

For more info on the trip check out http://bennetttheredonethat.bangorda...-the-blizzard/