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Thread: Getting Loopy

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    My hammocks arrived, and 8" is definitely not a that's what I'll go with...for now!

    Thanks all.

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    Getting Loopy

    Quote Originally Posted by anachronist View Post
    Haha, I didn't mean any weight savings between two methods of using the same whoopie sling. I was thinking more along the lines of not having to use a continuous loop or even eliminating the need for whoopie hooks or similar.

    I do see your point about the larks head vs just a loose open loop. I'd buy that explanation...
    The only problem I see with splicing the fixed loop of the whoopie through the channel is that A) you'd have to cut/take apart the whoopie if you wanted to change it later and B) there's no drip point for rain running down the sling. When you larks head the whoopie to the loop it makes a little nub that lets water drip before it reaches the hammock. It's not perfect and heavy rain still might get to you, but you can tie a little piece of cloth around the whoopie to create that drip point.

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