So my wife surprised me with a little gift certificate to this joint called the Hike Inn. I have another couple days to kill,so I would definitely like to get some hanging in. I am looking for a good spot fairly close to there, preferably within hiking distance, but we could possibly hike to the campsite and back out the next day, then drive to the Hike Inn Parking Area.

I am just getting my wife back into backpacking, and this will be her first overnight in the hammock besides out in the yard... so maybe like a 5-10 mile hike...or I might need to take her to a car-campground first.

I have been all around that area as a kid, but mostly car camping with my parents back in the day. I have also been on the AT from Springer to Neels and I don't really want to take her there on the first trip out.

Any ideas?