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    Honestly my watches alarm will not wake me.
    I know to call the local ranger station, I just forgot and trust me I feel stupid for it.
    As for Asthma, I have a daily regime of medications I take and I am also on Xolair which is to asthma as an allergy shot is to allergies. Medication is taken care of, and it helps except for when exercise (a trigger) is a must. Still aint going to stop me. This is my third year with asthma and it sucks.
    Well its a shelter stove, not a cooking stove. Not something I would carry for a multiday trip.
    Im working on measuring the weight of everything and working on make it all as light as possible. I had three cooking stoves with me, one due to the class being held the next day and the teachers odd restrictions on fire when none exist. I had my Jet boil sol, a heiny pot in a diy cozy and a alky stove, and the ti emberlit. I like the Sol for speed (wouldnt have brought it) , the DIY setups lighter and the emberlit rocks.
    As for me writing a book: not a chance. I am not a writer, I am an Orator. My youngest brother is the writer, he would have told the story with great imagery all throughout and spell checked it before he posted it. Not to mention useing proper english and punctuation. I tell and live stories, he writes them.
    I dont mind putting my foolishness and newbishness on display for other to learn from.
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