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    Quote Originally Posted by Falkon00 View Post
    Do you think that is the better way to go? 20* first then a 40* later? or vice versa? That actually is an even better point then my original question...I want best bang for my buck with my first top quilt and bottom quilt purchase.

    JDM is great, I'd go with a 20 vs 40 at first.

    I got a 40F and love it, sometimes combo it with a fleece liner to get close to 30F.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ericvault View Post
    Agreed i got a 20 degree Phoenix underquilt and Leigh's 30 degree topquilt.
    I just picked up the last 30 degree Leighlo TQ. Same setup as you with the 20 degree Pheonix UQ. Should be good for most 3 season camping around here (Canadian Rockies). I always carry a toque and compressable insulated sweater that I can throw on if we get a real cold snap.


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