Whooo buddy my WBBB and camo Superfly is finally here!

After three weeks lead time from WB and another one waiting for the package to make its way overseas to arrive here in Sweden the wait is finally over.
I could be more psyched when I laid this package on the table today.

I just love sil-nylon. And look at that camo beauty. Even though I only ordered the camo version since the regular was on back order I couldn't be happier, the new pattern is one of the best I've ever seen.

But once I settled down I realised.. this isn't all of my order... the guylines and carabiners were missing. What a total bummer. Especially since, like I said, I live in Sweden and it takes a while for stuff to get here.

But oh me of little faith. I will never again make the mistake of doubting WB and Brandon. Elation rose again as I noticed some strange bulges in the stuffsacks...

It was all there.
100' yellow and 100' grey guyline, 5 pairs of biners and 20 y-stakes, as well as the camo superfly and the WBBB 1.1 DL.

I know I ordered a lot of biners and stakes but I am shopping both for me and the kids and I would rather give my money to WB than a local sporting goods megastore and besides, I wanted a few WB biners for my EDC backpack as well. Pretty much the second best thing to actually wearing an HF patch for identifying me to other hangers IMO.

So even though I won't get a chance to put these beauties up until this weekend since I am in the process of moving, I still wanted to share.

Expect more pictures as soon as I am settled in my new yard though.