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Thread: Nano 7 vs BIAS

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    Nano 7 vs BIAS

    I hear ya Rolloff
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    I've owned both and prefer the BIAS for head and foot comfort (pillow and feet both stay in the hammock). If I were about 5' 0", the Nano might be fine.

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    nano versus weight weenie

    I own both. I am an ultralight backpacker, kayak camper and bicycle tourist. Minimal weight and minimal bulk are very important to me. I have been a happy Nano 7 owner for a few years. I ditched the carabiners and use whoopies, tree straps and a trail stick for a toggle. Nano 7 with ridgeline and whoopies weighs 8.21 ounces.

    I recently bought a Weight Weenie Micro double layer. I do not own an underquilt, so I have always either slept on a closed cell foam pad, or pulled my sleeping bag around my hammock like a pea pod (zipper in the footbox of sleeping bag allows this). Both methods work great for me, and my 15 degree down bag combined with wearing some clothing to bed has kept me comfortable to zero degrees f.

    Anyhow, I had been curious about a double layer, which would make pad sleeping easier. The bag pulled around the hammock constricts the foot end a good bit, making for a less comfortable lay. Sleeping on a pad with the bag on top of the hammock is more comfortable for me. So going double layer facilitates easier use of the pad.

    After several uses, I must say that I absolutely love the weight weenie. The material is significantly tougher and thicker than the nano. I have a hunch on a through hike that it would last much longer. It is much longer and wider than the nano, allows for a very diagonal, flat lay and super comfortable sleeping. The weight penalty is not too bad.

    With the double layer, the weight weenie micro comnplete with whoopies and ridge line weighs 15 ounces, compared to the 8.21 ounces of the nano with suspension. Sure, aan extra seven ounces is a lot for a very weight conscious person, but it is worth it to me. I will use it except for hot summer nights when I would not need a pad under me and then I will use the nano. The Weight Weenie double layer is about double the bulk of the nano, and that is an issue, too, since storage space in my kayak is minimal and same on my bike touring rig. But again, worth it, in my personal opinion..

    I have tried to show objective comparisons and also my subjective opinion. please post anyfollowup questions.

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    My vote would be for BIAS, the NANO 7 is good but the if you are looking to customize you can basically get whatever you want done if you contact BIAS.

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    Alright after reading through a few threads I can't seem to find anything at all to answer my question so here goes... Both the nano 7 and wwm use 1.1 ripstop nylon so how is it that the nano 7 is rated at 300 lbs but the wwm is only rated to 200 lbs??? I really like how big and comfy the wwm seems to be from all the reviews but I am over 200 lbs and if I go with a dbl or a heavier fabric hammock then I lose the weight advantage of the wwm vs the nano 7. Is BIAS just being overly cautious on their weight rating for the safety of its customers or is grand trunk being overly optimistic? For what it's worth I'm 5'5" and around 230.

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