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    New Summer Flight Jacket TQ ordered before the rush

    I originally planned to use a fleece blanket for Top insulation this summer- but after seeing how much bulkier that would be than one of the UGO summer Top Quilts the decision was a no-brainer. Paul and Missy's products are also very lightweight comparatively speaking.

    I wanted to beat the rush - so to speak! So, decided to go ahead and order my summer TQ from UGO last night - before the temperature begins to rise and the orders for summer quilts begin to stack-up. Paul has already emailed back to me - that was fast!

    • 50* Cause that matches my environment and backpacking habits.
    • DWR treated down.
    • Lt Olive outer and Grey inner.

    Now waiting patiently for my 50* Flight Jacket with a smile on my face
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