Hi, folks! I'm Earthquake Girl, and I'm from right outside of Hell, MI. I've been lurking around on these forums for a couple of years and finally joined. A friend and I plan to hike the AT together in a couple of years, and this place has been a great resource as my interest in ultralight camping and backpacking's developed over the last few years.

I teach yoga and own my own studio, but I was a geology major in college and spent a few years as a Cub Scout leader. I'm an experienced tent camper but this summer'll be my first time camping with a hammock. I'm very excited about it, but still undecided as to whether I want a HH or to make my own. I love to sew and design new things, so I'll probably end up doing both. =)

I'm planning my first overnight hang a month from now, and I can't wait!