I did loads of reading here on the forums when looking for a new tarp. I live in the Netherlands and we have a lot of rain and only a little nice weather every year ... So I thought I'd get a 4 season tarp which will give me doors to keep the rain out when needed.

I kinda fell in love with the center pole mod that the OMW offers. And after speaking to Marty on the phone last week I decided to buy a brown OMW with center pole mod and snakeskin's.

The package arrived yesterday, I was suprised how fast it got here.
Wasn't able to set it up yet ...
But I can't wait till I get home and set up the OMW over my WBBB and see how it all works together.

Marty told me that he never shipped to the Netherlands and I think it is nice to have the first WL item over here. We have the Dutch national Bushcraft Weekend coming up this weekend. A nice opportunity to show of my new baby... he he

I will post some pics later ...