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    Sierra Madre Research

    I really don't have much experience to rely on when comparing hammocks, but had such a pleasant experience in my new hammock, thought I would share.

    As an early Father's Day gift, my mother bought me a Sierra madre research pares double hammock. She new I was going in a backpacking trip and really wasn't keen on me sleeping in a diy hammock and a former Sunday school student of hers recently made the local paper in an article explaining his relatively new outdoor gear company that specializes in lightweight backpacking hammocks that he started after a mission trip to Honduras.

    At any rate, I never have been comfortable sleeping on the ground and I was looking forward to my first night hanging in the hammock.

    According manufacturer's specs, the pares is 10.5' long and 6.5' wide. It weighs 22.5 oz. Rated for 300# and has optional suspension straps made of nylon tree straps and amsteal cording rated at about 2500# tensile strength. It took about a minute to hang and adjust.

    After 10 miles of back packing, it didn't take long to fall asleep. There was slight stretch during the night, but I expected as much since I'm on the top end of the weight rating.

    My buddy went with with the solo, which is 9x4.5, 15oz, and is also rated at 300#.

    I would recommend these to anyone interested in a hammock.

    More info can be found at

    Or in Facebook at
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    Seems like a not for profit ENO. Fair enough. Their tarp design is one of the most unique i have seen. Possibly good for the tropics. But in Wyoming?......the first ever flying hammock setup. To the moon Alice!

    Interesting to see what class of bug nut they come out with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishtar View Post

    Interesting to see what class of bug nut they come out with.
    it sort of looks like the bugnet is built into the tarp.

    on a side note... I love that this is coming out of MS. Liked their FB page... will def keep my eye on these guys.

    gps4, welcome from another MS'ian and please post some pics if you have em
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