Last year I tried hammock camping for the first time, I did it all wrong and nearly froze to death. (You can read my experience here on the forum) so, I pulled the trigger this year, bought a WBBB, UQ, nice big tarp, tarp, flyz, the whole set up. It was quick and easy to set up, ( the tarps flyz worked great kept good tension all night even when it rained). The UQ from KAQ full size kept me warm, when it did move around it was easy to reach out of the hammock and adjust it. I suspect I didn't have it cinched and adjusted properly to start but still worked great I was very warm all night.

I set the hammock up seemed really easy and quick, I staked the shelf and the opposite side of the hammock out. I had put the foot end slightly higher as I heard you should do. I have to say I still could not get comfortable. I slept on the diagonal, but I woke up his morning and I had a kink in my neck and my back felt like I slept on the ground. I tried side sleeping as well as on my back. I really want to like this hammock camping, I'm a backpacker and my gear was very light quick up and down made it nice.

This morning it was raining and cold I was warm and dry. I packed all my gear hammock and all under the tarp staying dry while all the tent campers were wet and trying to fit that tent in that little bag getting soaked lol. Th elite rain I god was when I finally pulled my tarp up in the snake skins but, it was just a few minutes and I was in my truck watching them all for the next 20 minutes break camp.

So all in all it was a good experience but I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong so I can get a comfortable nights sleep. I will post a few pics. Thanks for he help.