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    Trip report advice needed

    Last year I tried hammock camping for the first time, I did it all wrong and nearly froze to death. (You can read my experience here on the forum) so, I pulled the trigger this year, bought a WBBB, UQ, nice big tarp, tarp, flyz, the whole set up. It was quick and easy to set up, ( the tarps flyz worked great kept good tension all night even when it rained). The UQ from KAQ full size kept me warm, when it did move around it was easy to reach out of the hammock and adjust it. I suspect I didn't have it cinched and adjusted properly to start but still worked great I was very warm all night.

    I set the hammock up seemed really easy and quick, I staked the shelf and the opposite side of the hammock out. I had put the foot end slightly higher as I heard you should do. I have to say I still could not get comfortable. I slept on the diagonal, but I woke up his morning and I had a kink in my neck and my back felt like I slept on the ground. I tried side sleeping as well as on my back. I really want to like this hammock camping, I'm a backpacker and my gear was very light quick up and down made it nice.

    This morning it was raining and cold I was warm and dry. I packed all my gear hammock and all under the tarp staying dry while all the tent campers were wet and trying to fit that tent in that little bag getting soaked lol. Th elite rain I god was when I finally pulled my tarp up in the snake skins but, it was just a few minutes and I was in my truck watching them all for the next 20 minutes break camp.

    So all in all it was a good experience but I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong so I can get a comfortable nights sleep. I will post a few pics. Thanks for he help.

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    Trip report advice needed

    Find a place at home to string it up, indoors maybe, and sleep a full week in it. Your body will likely adapt and you may find your bed less comfortable.

    I set up eye bolts across my living room and frequently sleep in a hammock. My most comfortable hammock by far is the DangerBird 72. I side sleep, and swap diagonals a few times a night, so WBBB wouldn't work for me. I can't stand having a wall in my face so have to have bi symmetrical style.

    It took me about 5 nights in a row to get comfortable, and by 7 nights I was more comfortable hanging than in a select comfort bed.

    Give yourself a week and see if you don't get more comfortable too.

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    Sometimes it just takes practice. These days I find I can sleep in my BB regardless how I have it set up. Having the hammock with the foot end higher is correct, you may have to play around with how much higher works for you. Try and get the angle of the straps to the trees at 30 degrees or close to it.

    Even my worse night in a hammock is better than a tent.

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    Going through the basic check list first and then narrow it down.
    UQ not too tight. Not only in suspension but on drawing in the ends also. Often people with cinch the ends in too much. (but it sounds like you had this dialed in fine)
    Ridgeline at 83% perhaps you personally need a little more or a little less.
    Diagonal slightly, doesn't need to be drastic.
    Is the hammock long enough for you?
    Some (I do) go as far as a foot or two higher on the foot end.
    Pull any extra hammock fabric out from under you so there isn't a strange ridge bothering your neck and/or back.
    Do you need to bunch up your jacket for under your neck, under your knees?
    Practice, practice.

    Some hammocks work and some don't. Just like any type of bed, it is very individual. I thought I was happy with my Eno DN.....until I made my tablecloth hammock. My son hated his GTUL, then he discovered the Eno DN and was quite happy, and then he went to the tablecloth hammock and was even happier.....and now for the past year it's been the hammock that John made him. You'd have to pry that one from his hands.

    Some of us need more stretch, some of us need less stretch and on and on.'s sort-of like a Goldilocks game for some of us. You'll also notice real fast that many of us have many, many hammocks. We'll get together again and I'll see if I can't help out some where. Have you tried laying in anyones bridge?

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    Agree with Gunner76. Also use to check and verify your settings. You can scroll down on that page or get the App.

    As a newbie - I made a cheat sheet for each hammock and my preferences.

    Before departing,

    Some of the inputs do not change (given the same hammock):
    • Ridgeline Length: I believe the WBBB ridgeline is fixed at about 100"
    • Preferred Sit Height: use what you will, i use 18"
    • Weight in Hammock: Your weight ###, plus a few for quilts, gear, etc.
    • Hang Angle: 30* (for the Blackbird)

    So, given the same hammock, only the Distance Between Trees will change.

    I write down the resulting Hang Point (Tree Strap Height) for different Distance Between Trees possibilities (11',12',14',16',etc.). Yup, I carry a cheat sheet.
    Then record the suggested Suspension Length for each Distance Between Trees onto the cheat sheet

    In the Piney Woods:
    I've been known to carry a lightweight tape measure if not hiking long distances...cause estimating - umm not so easy for me. (<--<<< Noob!)

    Once two suitable trees have been selected - and the Distance Between Trees is accurately determined:
    • refer to the written correct Hang Point measurement (strap height) and hang both straps.
    • next, before hanging the hammock, I set the suggested Suspension Length (distance between the tree and the hammock (less any loops on the hammock itself).
    • Now, attach the hammock and the Hang Angle should be pretty close to 30*

    Finally, I'll tighten the footend strap or whoopie to raise the footend a few inches for the WBBB (over 1' for the XLC).

    From here fiddle with things until you have a comfortable lay. Hope that helps!
    - Loki my videos
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    Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
    The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy,
    while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn." John Muir

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    Set up pics

    Only les e load one pic at a time sorry.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Another pic

    I don't think this app likes my ipad
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    Last one

    Last pic I promise. Don't know if anyone can tell anything from these. Thanks guys. Diva, I did experience a "ridgeline" in the fabric under me.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I did not notice anywhere in your post that you had a pillow. This made a huge difference for me. Nice down pillow to stay light and small but just pig enough for neck support with a bit for under the head too works for me. Some also use one between their knees to get the right lie as well.
    Where ever you go,
    There you are.

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    Re: Trip report advice needed

    I find a pillow helps keep my head from rolling off into a kink... Might be something to think about...
    Live, Laugh, Love, if that doesn't work. Load, Aim and Fire, repeat as necessary...

    Buy, Try, Learn, Repeat

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