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    Quote Originally Posted by DemostiX View Post
    As I've applauded in another thread on another maker's hammocks -- the applause being for the well-chosen language by multiple HF members to describe aspects of comfort -- measurement isn't everything.

    But, isn't it time, by now, to set up a camera and take views of the same person in hammocks of different weight or construction? I wasn't kidding when I wrote earlier in this thread: "I look forward to explicit description and photos of the same body in hammocks of the same size. [Did your butt really get so heavy and large, or is it just that hammock you are wearing?]".

    Not your responsibility, Papa Smurf. You are providing a wide range of options, a degree of "consumer sovereignty", that must have some productivity costs, too.
    For the good of the HF community, I would happily take on this task and publish the scientific results if the hammock makers on this forum would donate one of each of their product offerings to me for this research.
    John aka Suede

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    My taffeta hammock is super comfortable, and with my whoopies and rl, it weighs in at just under 16oz
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