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    Ok, I have been searching, and thinking, and again, I want to thank all you good folks for your input, but I know now I need two hammocks to begin with. Even if my better half doesn't want to jump in, I know my five year old granddaughter will. I am going to have to hide the pics of the wild and crazy guys camping in the snow from her or her mother, my daughter, will kill me. So now that I know I need two, guess what I have been looking at? I still want to make my first, but now I am leaning toward a Vertex or even better yet, two Bear Mountain Bridge hammocks side by side under one tarp. Wow, how about two Blackbirds! There are plenty of trees where I will be camping, so finding three or even four together will not be a problem at all. The reason two side by side is so important to me is rain. We camp rain or shine, so side by side will make it much easier for me to camp with a five year old. Hung with maybe just enough room between them for cooking or playing games or cards will be very important, it rains alot here in the early camping season. And as soon as my granddaughter sees (by accident) the pics and vids of the wild ones in the snow, our seasons will be expanded to four. Beautiful! Thinking of that puts a big smile on my face, and just makes life even "more better". So now, off I go again, in search of the two hammock set up. I wonder. . . ., will three in a triangle fit under one tarp? I bet they will. Thanks again for all your help, I will check in again in a bit, Nick
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    I am not sure two BMB hammocks would fit under a single tarp and give good foul weather coverage. The bridges are by nature wider and more tarp hogs than a gathered end. You might be able to put two narrow foot bridges under one tarp especially if you stagger the heads.
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    I'm in the process of deciding on which huge tarp to get for exactly that purpose - two hammocks under one tarp. I think I've got it narrowed down to the JRB 11x10, the Speer Winter Tarp, and the OES 12x10. Right now I'm leaning towards the extra coverage I'd get from the OES.

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    Might have to make your own supertarp or perhaps rig something out of two tarps.

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