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    HollaenderSpeedRail SpeerJack+Dejoha hammock stand

    Today, the materials were acquired for a SpeerJack hammock stand (beautifully illustrated by Dejoha) that will use Hollaender brand Speed Rail fittings to connect the joints. Those fittings use a special tipped set screw to tighten them, so the only assembly tool needed is an Allen wrench. That is unimportant since the stand is for home or car camping use.

    All of this is obvious to some, and new info to others. I'm writing to inform the second group. The aluminum tubes are 1.5" Schedule 40 6061 aluminum pipe (unthreaded) with an outside diameter of about 1 7/8". At Industrial Metal Supply in Phoenix Arizona, the unused, cutoff pipe pieces are sold by the pound as scrap, at $2.49 per pound for aluminum. Otherwise, the pipe is over $40 per 10' piece. Since the Schedule 40 pipe weighs .94 pounds per foot, my retail cost was near $23 per ten feet, but the remainder/cutoff pieces come in various lengths. New pipe comes in 10' and 20' lengths while other aluminum tubing that does not fit the connectors is sold in 12' lengths. With tax, I spent just over $100 on pipe due to the excess length of the pieces, including enough pipe to make the height taller. I will have multiple short cutoff pieces but that will give me the option of various lengths on my hammock stand.

    I can cut the pipe using a grinder with an abrasive cutoff wheel that is specifically made for use on aluminum. That wheel costs a couple of dollars.

    The fittings are cheaper at Zoro Tool (not with two R's) on the 'net. With tax, I paid over $70 for my five fittings at I.M.S.

    At I.M.S., there were large quantities of 1.5" Schedule 80 scrap but it would cost more due to the weight of the thicker walls, and could be overly strong. It would interchange in the same fittings with the Schedule 40 pipe. The fittings were available in three pipe sizes. These are the same fittings that are used on commercially made whitewater raft rowing frames. The term "Speed Rail" refers to the assembled handrails that are the original use for those products. They are faster to build while still cheaper than welding a handrail.
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    Sounds pretty much identical to the 3 stands I took to MAHHA last weekend.

    My stands will be primarily used throughout the workshop, but I also wanted the ability to easily take apart and transport to hangs, shows, etc.
    Good luck with the project. I think you're gonna love this stand.

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