I am trying to get my new wife out of tent camping and into the hammock but she doesn't want to be in a separate hammock (i think she would be ok if we were at least under the same tarp). I am convinced that a hammock for two would not be comfortable, and I really don't want to spend the money on a two person tarp that might not be comfortable. I spoke to a couple at MAHHA about this but I forgot their user names... they were talking about some sort of spreader bar system (I thought for spreading the gathered ends) where you could hang two hammocks side by side from the same two trees, under the same tarp (probably in a modified porch mode).. I was thinking that if the trees were wide enough in diameter, you might be able to wrap the tree straps in opposite directions so they were some distance apart (i.e. the hammock on the left would have tree straps coming off the hammock (foot-end) and wrapping clockwise around the tree while the hammock on the right would be wrapping counter-clockwise) and the hammocks might be touching a bit but not totally mashed up against one another. This also requires that you have two pretty substantial trees (which of course isn't a bad idea if you're hanging around 300 lbs). Also, I have gathered end hammocks.. What are your thoughts? If you know of a thread about this, please let me know. Thanks.