So I'm brand new to Hammock camping and have switched my one man tent/thermarest to a (soon to arrive) BIAS Camper hammock. Very excited and really enjoy this forum of knowledgable people!

I already have plans for a bugnet so now I'm looking for ideas for a tarp. I will be doing some stealth camping by bike so lightweight would be nice but not that big of a deal, honestly. Just would like to be able to pack it small or into a roll to stick on top of a rack.

Any of you have setups that do a decent job of covering gear/bike? What would you do about water flowing in the ground under you with all of your gear there?

Are doors recommended?

I would really like to keep it under $150 but there's wiggle room.

I see warbonnet is a favorite here but there are so many to chose from!

Thanks guys!