Prices include USPS shipping, no paypal... USPS money orders only... Item will be shipped after money order arrives... Prices negotiable via PM, after interest declared in thread... "ill take it" supercedes any offer in process... Will update as I find stuff... Will add pictures later if needed... I'm moving soon and going through my gear... Only looking to recouped some costs in the items...

stainless steel emberlit, used, no damage, only fire blued... $35

Steripen adventurer opti, with fits all filter, zero dirt time, couldn't bring myself to quite trust it mentally, gonna pick up a sawyer... $100... I paid $140 for the sent locally...

Whoopie slings 6 ft, with tree straps, ti toggles, and biners... $30

Looking for:
sawyer 3or4 in 1 systems
MSR hydrodromdary 3liter
Sil tarp with at least 10 ft Ridgeline
Good dry bags
MSR pack towel XL
Exped chair kit for synmat 7.5 LW