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    Side sleeper Clark north american

    So i was looking into Wbbb but recently came across a possible deal that may be hard to pass up on a Clark north American. Is at why there isn't too much talk about them? They are expensive retail! How is the diagonal lay in a Clark NA? Is it possible or too tight? I have a thermarest. Would that allow for a decent lay for a side sleeper? Your suggestions are appreciated

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    You can lay diagonally in a Clark, but not quite as much as with wider hammocks. But the Clarks seem very comfortable. I know of one person who uses her Z lite without any problems, including sleeping on her side. Don't see any reason a thermarest of any kind wouldn't work. You'll have to sleep on top of the pad as opposed to slipping it between layers and this isn't usually as comfortable as sleeping with a under quilt of some sort. But, it will work. Clarks aren't as popular for a couple reasons, one: they are pretty expensive and two: they are heavy compared to their competition. Sounds like you've found a good deal on one, so if I were you, I'd go for it.

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    I often awaken in the AM on my side in the embrace of bear bag hanger's ex-hammock. He didn't like her. I do. And she may be just a few ounces heavier than his Dream Hammock. Blame the extra Number 5 zipper tracks and pockets. Fabric of given weight doesn't weigh more on someone else's hammock. (Actually here, it does, unless it is on a favored maker's.)

    YMMV on side sleeping, not least because everyone's report of how he sleeps on his side isn't complete and accurate. We manly men may, for example report "on my side" as a euphemism for "fetal position."

    If you have a good deal on the NA, buy it. Remember that what seems a high price includes a weather shield, a tarp, and rather nice over-sized stuff sack. Give the NA a number of day naps and then nights trial. Camping hammocks are not for everyone. If the NA doesn't work out for you, there will be a buyer here or on Flea Bay.
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    Re: Side sleeper Clark north american

    Yes yes yes, you can do a diagonal lay. I have the nx250. The thing with the Clark is that they don't have as saggy of a lay as others. I lay straight in mine and don't worry bout the diagonal. There is room for a pad but with the pockets underneath you won't need one. If it gets to cold I just fill those pockets with cloths and stay toasty. There's always the Clark z liner but I don't think I'll every need one. I find the side lay VERY cumfy in mine. I wake up that way alot. If you can get a good deal on one I'd go for it man. I don't even wanna get out of mine in the morning. I usually leave my stove under me so I can just lean out and have my breakfast and coffee in bed. Love my Clark!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks for all the helpful responses, i just need the seller to contact me so I can get my first hammock!

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    Just snagged a very lightly used NA for a song; no trouble lying on side. I'm small, though...5'7", 140. Bigger folks' mileage may vary.

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