I got my ENO Guardian Bugnet last week and finally got it out today to test it out. I learned a great way to resolve the issue of the ends opening under pressure when you get in the hammock by the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s83ZTphVgJk

I basically did the same thing but with a few different twists (I have the stock suspension and a set of Atlas Straps):

First off I apologize for the poor quality images, they were taken with my Blackberry...

This is my set up with my fly inside a set of Snakeskins, already attached to a ridge line via prusik knots on either end

I've attached the tarp to the prusiks via 2 steel rings (very strong). My tarp hangs UNDER the tarp ridge line (red cord), but I have added a single line of cord that runs on the underside of the tarp (yellow cord). I use this for a place to hang gear:

I threw out that piece of white cord that comes with the Guardian BN and instead I hooked the middle 3 hooks to the yellow ridge line that I have on the underside of my tarp (you can see them at the top right of the picture). I then hooked the 2 outside hooks to a prusik on each end of the hammock suspension, and simply cinched the toggle and closed up each end of the netting around the hammock:

Here's a shot of the system all together:

It seems to work really well and doesn't put any excess strain on any one part of the rig. The only issue is that now I don't have a ridge line above me to hang stuff when I'm in the hammock, but there's always the bag that the EN comes in that's attached to the hammock itself.