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    Now this being my first review I will do my best to cover what is going on with this great gear Dave over at has made. There is also a video attached to this post with a little detail about the hammock involved(though it was intended to be more generalized), also there are some non age friendly words in it if anyone needs to know that... And pay attention to that great little fuzzy on the side of my head!

    Now for the pics and review:

    The stands are crude but functional. Used 20ft of chainlink fencing pole for the top(and it needs to be cut and refined a bit). Again I went for function don't care about beauty, at least this time.

    The Hammock itself is styled after an ENO doublenest and is 10 ft long. Right now I cannot find the email but believe that the weight total on hammock bugnet and suspension is 12 oz.

    The suspension is amsteel whoopies with webbing. I used two black diamond carabiners.

    On the left of this photo you will see a black bishop bag that is rather large, this was made so I can keep the top and underquilt all compressed with the hammock itself for ease of setup along the AT(Plus I just really love systems)

    Here it is with the 10x12 Digital camo tarp. I was using some gardening posts for porch mode while I waited on my Black Diamond Ergo's to come in...which is shown in a later photo. Also different guylines are used here than I will migrate to.

    Looking out:

    From inside, and the bag you see is sewn onto the ridgeline and holds the zip on bugnet for the hammock.

    Here is a shot in porch mode with the new Black Diamond Ergo trekking poles:

    The poles clipped into the lineloc's:

    Using the stingerz really simplified my guyline issue:

    And here is where one of my stands legs broke so I rigged something up:

    Here's a video: (tried to embed but it wont work)

    Now hopefully I covered what is of interest but anything you guys want to know please ask, my first hammock review so you know

    Also as I continue to use it for the next 10 months in preparation for the AT I will post more in detail about it, the tarps, and TQ/UQ.
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    Nice setup..Great review...Hope your Thru-Hike goes well.

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