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    HG Phoenix

    Payment sent for the HG Phoenix UQ! = )

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    All items sold, I can't edit the original post anymore (not sure why) so figured I'd post this and ask for the thread to be closed.



    Quote Originally Posted by Cphobes View Post

    Sadly I've given up and am planning on going back to the ground, as I'm a side/belly/rotisserie sleeper and I just can't get comfortable enough to sleep in a hammock. So that means I'm selling off some cool stuff with minimal nights. I love these products and am sad to see them go. I am keeping my TQ so that's why it's not listed.

    These have a total of 5-6 nights of use so they're MINT and ready to be shipped out to a new owner.

    TARP 4 Season (4 Doors) Cat Cut Cuben Fiber Tarp = $270 (originally:$299.00) SOLD to Scooterdogma
    Hammock Gear Product purchased new April, 2012
    NO CUSTOM MODIFICATIONS, NO LINES attached, Tarp and stuff sack only.

    UQ 20*F Phoenix (3SEAS_CROWSNEST) Under Quilt = $160 (originally:$179.00)
    Hammock Gear Product purchased new April, 2012
    Color Olive Green, inside Grey
    Overfill none
    NO CUSTOM MODIFICATIONS, includes original stuff sack only.

    WBBB Warbonnet Blackbird 1.7 Double layer (olive green) = $175.00 SOLD to Grantizzle
    CONDITION: Used, I purchased this from another hammocker on the forums, still in mint shape.
    Includes the following as one package:
    Adjustable Ridgeline grey 7/64 amsteel
    1 Double open ended bishop sack (olive green)
    1 pair Tree hugger straps (1", very long 12'?)
    1 pair Whoopie Slings 6' Black/dark grey
    1 pair 1" Dutch clips
    1 pair Elephant Trunks

    These prices INCLUDE USPS Priority Shipping to continental US. International shipping/orders are NOT accepted. I accept PAYPAL only, will ship after funds are confirmed.


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