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    Breakneck Pond - Bigelow Hollow

    I helped during a scout trip a few weekends ago. After a few weekly meetings of planning & going over backpacking basics, we were off!

    We hiked in 2 miles to a shelter on the east side of the pond & set up in the dark. I almost strapped up to a tree that was half chewed through by beavers! The rest of the evening was spent collecting firewood & hanging food bags.

    We all woke up around 6, with the temp hovering in the mid 30's. I could have sat in my WBBB all morning, but not with the racket 12 kids make! Oatmeal & SPAM sandwiches for breakfast & they're off to try their luck at fishing! The older boys worked on land nav & other tasks while I took 4 "new guys" on a hike to the Cat Rocks (a huge hillside littered with house-sized boulders... Perfect for exploring). The older kids met up with us, & everyone ate the MRE's I'd carried in my pack. The trip back was obviously a bit lighter! On the way back, they managed to find a rope swing, & "I didn't mean to get wet" turned into a cannonball contest. I guess emphasizing dry shoes fell on deaf ears! After that, we finished up or 6 mile hike with a quick walk back to camp! Unfortunately, I had to pack up & hike back to the parking lot since I had a March of Dimes walk the following morning.

    All in all, a great way to spend the weekend. I started helping with scouts because one of my college classes required 20 hours. I'm currently over 50 & have no plans to stop! It was my second time in the hammock, & is infinity more comfortable than the ground!

    Now let's see how I do uploading pictures with tapatalk
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