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    "Easy" suvival weekend

    OK, finally got in touch with my Mom today: We are ON for doing a survival type weekend at her place. The date, cause it is one of my off weekends & Matt has it off also: June 22 & 23. I will be there on the 21st cause it will give me time with Mom & I'll get to explore a bit as I haven't been in that part of the property in about 5 years.
    About Mom's place:
    It's on a creek called Dry Fork, so water can & does vanish quickly at times. It can also flood fairly quickly but rarely at that time of year. Rarely.
    By my calculations "Our area" is about 4 acres, and Mom said we can go pretty much anywhere we need to, so let's say 6 to 7 acres. There is about 1/8 mile of creek, with at least (last time I was there & most of my childhood) 2 fairly deep & reliable pools.
    I have never not seen at least one Carp. 4 or more Crawdads, & a fairly large Catfish.
    The farm is just west of the tiny town of Okeana Ohio & about 7 miles or less from the Indiana border. The Main road into town (not the road mom lives on) goes from Ross Ohio to Brookville Indiana.
    Directions & address will be PMed to those wanting to come.
    WARNINGS: I know there are snapping turtles in the creek! A medium size (shell the size of a dinner plate) can lop off a finger like a hot knife through butter! There ARE poisonous snakes in / around the water; Copperheads & water moccasins mostly, but Rattlers have been seen by me less than 30 miles away. Skunks live in the area. My Mom's dog ABSOLUTELY LOVES EVERYONE! Not really a danger, but Scarlet can be a huge PEST!!

    What the event is mostly about: a camping trip on private property with the expressed intent of learning & practicing survival skills. You can bring whatever you are willing to carry the (apx) 1/4 mile to camp central. WHY? Because we are LEARNING skills or at least practicing in a safe environment. Matt has been to a few classes, but all of my "skills" were learned from TV, so I really need this!
    What I hope to do:
    Build a shelter with nothing but a knife & the para-cord from my survival bracelet (Not actually using a bracelet, or para-cord, will be bringing 8' of fake PC just for the experiment.
    Build a fire with: just my ferro steel, bow drill, trough method, ONE match, "however".
    Build an emergency fire with WET wood. (one of the things I plan on doing Friday is put some various sized wood pieces IN the creek, held in place UNDER water with rocks)
    Find / catch food. I hope to have at least one meal with the mass of a fast food dinner. Hope springs eternal. LOL
    Plus whatever challenges we can come up with.

    Reminder, do NOT use the toilet less than 100' from the creek please! Perhaps we can designate, or at least measure out a "Privy area".

    So, any takers? So far it's Matt, my son Jon & I.

    Just occurred to me: If you are a new hanger, or not yet a hanger but want to give that a try, come on down & we can work on those skills too! Sorry; My only spare sets will be used by Matt & Jon.
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