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    New hanger in the Quetico

    Well I'm off to a week solo canoe tripping. Planning on 5 nights in my new J-R-B bear mt. bridge. I'm new to this hammock idea. I spent the last week trying to perfect the lie of my gatherd end DIY rig. I could fall asleep well, but awoke consistantly at 2 AM with painful shoulder squeeze. Decided to call Jacks with only 4 days to go for their bridge model. Those guys were great. Called them in the AM, caught them literaly on their way out the door as they were leaving to the VA festivities. They stopped the presses, got my hammock in the mail that AM with special postage and trusted me to make up the $20 difference in postage. Got the hammock in time! THANKYOU JACKS-R-BETTER FOR THE GREAT SERVICE!

    I'll be off to Ely, MN and paddle up to the Ontario border, then a 1 mi portage to a nice Lk Trout lake with only moose and wolves and bear for company (I hope)!

    I have a DIY tarp rig that has only been half tested. Bought a used 10 degree down mummy online, ripped out the zippers, washed a lb of dirt out of it, refluffed it...and now seems to be a like-new topquilt for $70. Got the Jack's to send me their new Greylock 3 underquilt which was fantastic in my backyard to 25 degrees one night. So I'm feeling like this newbee is prepared!

    This has been a great place the last mo for this neewb to come and learn. Hammocking is a bit overwhelmming to ground-dwellers.

    Be back in a week and will pull this thread up down the line, with some pics and a good story I hope! BB
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