Sometimes at AH we have cut offs or small scrap pieces of fabric. At first, we just threw them away, but then we thought about all the fellow forum members out there who could use the stuff for stuff sacks or what ever.

So we just started saving the scraps and stuffing them into a USPS small flat rate box. Included will be a variety of different sized pieces of 1.9oz brown ripstop, 1.1oz black ripstop, and 1.9oz orange ripstop. Most pieces are fairly small(6''x20" or so), but there are a couple big pieces of orange and brown, one piece of brown measured 24''x84''. Needless to say, we packed the box to the gills, and it weighed almost 1.5lbs!

We also threw in a few loops of 6mm acc. cord, used for making gathered end hammocks. Enough for 4 hammocks in the box.

Asking $15 shipped for the box.